The DSi has arrived!!

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The DSi has arrived!!

Post  Kid Capri on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:05 am


The Nintendo DSi has arrived! The new handheld has finally hit America's shores. I have played it already, and believe me: you don't know what you're missing. The DSi has 3 lights instead of 2 now(1 for power, 1 for a Wifi indicator, and a 3rd for the charging indicator). You can pop in a Micro SD Card, and if you have AAC music files on it, you can play them! And obviously, you can take pictures, and save them to your SD Card, and upload them to your computer or Wii from there. The DSi will have exclusive games, called DSiWare. They're really something to look forward too. There will be an internet browser, and a DSi shop, which are very promising. Comparisons between the DSi and its predecessor-the DS Lite- can be found here. Currently, Gamestop stores are buying DS Lites for $70 instead of $40 to help players pay for this new system, which costs $170. Expect the DSi to hit retailers near you April 5th.

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